Can't keep it up!

I’m 37 and as far as I can remember I’ve always experienced trouble keeping an erection. I have no problem getting an erection but I just struggle to keep one most of the time.
In my younger days my sex life was pretty non-existent apart from losing my virginity at 18 which was a disaster and I was publicly embarrassed.
I got married at 27, had 2 kids but have recently gotten divorced. We were never sex mad in our relationship and she was kinda dull in bed and when we did try to have sex it would either stay up or it wouldn’t, I really couldn’t control it. I’m at the stage now of wanting to make up for lost time and I’ve been seeing girls and wanting to have sex with them.
I have been to see my doctor over my issue, they took some blood and felt around my pubic area and the results were that there was nothing physically wrong with me and that my erection problems was a mental issue. I was prescribed viagra but I was too ashamed to take it that I never actually went to the pharmacy to collect it.
Later when I met a girl that I knew wanted to have sex with me I knew I had to do something so I noticed that my dad kept viagra pills so I started taking those. The first time I took one I went to see the girl and we had sex 3 times in one night which is insane for me! I was so proud of myself. So any time I was going to meet this girl again I made sure I took a viagra before I got there. But soon enough I started getting anxiety about the pill being bad for me and I started feeling physical symptoms of things like fast heartbeat, shirt stinted numb feeling in my legs, so now taking viagra I doing my mental health more harm than good and now when I do take viagra I still have the same trouble where i can’t stay erect.
This website is my last resort for help. I want to get better. Please, any wise words and encouragement would mean a lot and I apologise for this long winded post, I just needed to explain my back story and where I’m at currently.
Thank you!


Hey man don’t know why no one has responded but if nothing else, it’s helping me to know that there’s other people out there with similar issues. I tried Viagra and that didn’t work either. I’m making progress though so I’m sure you will be able to as well.


How are you making progress? I’ve also tried 100mg of sildenifil which did nothing so I’m honestly scared to death.


Hi thanks for the reply. Could you expand on how you’re making progres? I don’t want to rely on viagra as it’s very much a last resort. If you have any tips on how you’re improving I’m all ears.

Hi, what have you experienced whilst using Sildenifil?

Was the question for me? Sildenafil hasn’t worked for me.

My question to you was what have you experienced when you took sildenifil

I said not a thing

The viagra was prescribed by your doctor just to give you more confidence in your self, once you get your confidence back you can stop taking viagra.
And the anxiety and stress taking viagra was all create by your mind which was blocking the effect of viagra, remember viagra to work you have to be arouse otherwise viagra won’t work because anxiety and stress is blocking.

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I never thought about it as the doc trying to make me confident. I guess you’re right. Thanks for replying