Getting up and staying hard

So I’m relatively young 39 but I’ve been having erection problems lately used to I’d get a boner just touching my wife on the hand or thinking of her body now I can think of hers or other womens body and no erection we tried last night and I couldn’t even get moderately hard we are gonna try again but I don’t think I can get more than an 70% erection, I’m on opioids but usually after twelve hours of taking them I’m good, take some meds for my add that seem to make it harder for me to stay hard I e noticed when I quit taking certain medications I can get hard easier but I need some of those meds and I’m wondering if mixing Cialis or Viagra with them could eliminate thr problem I’m trying this out for seven days but going to the Dr this week to get some ed meds it sucks bc she thinks it’s her which makes her not want to have sex and it’s not true she’s the only girl I’ve ever ejaculated just from a hug (only time that’s ever happened to me, I don’t last long anymore except handjobs those used to be done in five minutes now takes about ten or more and she doesn’t like doing it for that long we have four kids a fifth on the way so we are not as sexual as we used to be and I’m sure she could live without it but she knows its a huge deal for me i chose to get married so i could have sex more often with someone I loved but anyways jist needed to het that off of my chest we are gonna try to have sex tonight again tried last night but didn’t work and she was super horny which is very rare she’s still in that mood so if not tonight I know tomorrow I will be able to perform for sure bc I’m not gonna take the meds that seem to affect it but anyways wish me luck keep me in your prayers thanks for reading!


Sending best of luck!

Just and FYI, prolonged use of opioids will crush your libido. Take two weeks off and you’ll see it skyrocket! Thank me later. :wink: