Unusual fetishes preventing arousal

Hi, I have an ENF (embarrassed nude female) fetish where I get turned on by women losing their clothing and getting embarrassed. When I read these stories or watch videos of these I get aroused easily but I can’t get as turned on when there’s a naked girl in front of me and about to have sex. Is there any tips for getting more aroused before sex instead of through a fetish fantasy?

Thanks for sharing. I definitely have fetishes too and certainly get aroused when I come across them in online depictions of porn or in my girlfriend and I’s relationship.

When I was married, some of my fetishes were shut down or worse, I’d be shamed for them (even though they were very common fetishes and considered normal by some). That marriage didn’t last for a multitude of reasons, and I’m grateful that my current girlfriend has been very open and receptive to my fantasies and fetishes. Shame can be an isolating thing so if you feel comfortable, I think it could help to open up and share yours. They don’t have to necessarily happen, but the mere fact of sharing may open up a conversation that will result in you feeling more comfortable.

Also, I believe the course suggests taking time to explore other categories of sex, as there may be other things you find arousing and exciting. You could also ask your partner what theirs are, too.

I’m in the same boat (different fetish though!). For decades I was ashamed of it, and did everything I could do to hide it, indulging in it only when masturbating alone.

One thing I’ve found over the past couple years is the more I embraced the fetish, the less power it seemed to have over me. It’s still very much a turn on, and I do still need to reference it in my own mind at least when with another person, but I’ve found my mind now being more open to other potential turn ons.