Uncertainty about reverse Kegals?

Hello all.

I just got the first task earlier today about practicing reverse Kegals. I really feel like I need to process and de-brief that experience. I guess I am just unsure if I was doing it correctly, fine motor skills are something I can struggle with. Because of that, even just reading the exercise, I noticed anxiety and discomfort. I pushed through and completed the task as best I felt I could given it was my first attempt. But i am honestly unsure if I even did anything, much less if I did the exercise correctly.

As I said, fine motor skills are not exactly a forte. When I tried to move any muscles down there, the closest I think I got felt more like trying to poop harder, than it did pee. I put my hand over the area, to see if I could feel movement, and I did feel something, but it was different than how the exercise described it. More like a tightening of skin or a curve type of movement (I’ll be honest, I have some flaps of skin down there, so it could be that).

Am I completely off track? How do I really know if I’ve done this correctly?

This is what did it for me:


It took a little bit, but I was able to recognize a different sensation.

I posted about it recently.

Also…I think that working on it during masturbation is the key to finding the technique. So far it’s worked for me to keep my arosal in check.

Thank you for sharing this with me, I will give it a look before trying again.

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@permanent’-yellow-blackbird - thanks for providing the link, I found the information very useful and have bookmarked it for future reference :+1:

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If you can get into a childs pose (yoga). J breathe in deep and imagine the breath going down into your abdomen and down into your pelvis. It might feel like a poop but more toward the front. Child’s pose is also good for positive levels too. Good luck.