Reverse Kegals can’t feel anything

I’ve just done the reverse kegal exercise and although I was doing the motion of trying to push more pee out I could feel movement there when I touched the area. Furthermore it required so much attention I would forget to breathe. Anyone else experience this and any luck correcting?

I relate - i don’t feel movement during the exercise but when I stop between repetitions I definitely have a sensation (almost arousing feeling) so I think something is going on.

There is comment in the instructions that I had about leading with the mind and the body will figure it out … so hoping that’s true basically.

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How often do you repeat it? I am only new to the program so perhaps it will get repeated and I’ll notice something but, for me it didn’t even feel like anything was moving

The reverse kegel in my task list seems to come up one per phase - about once a week I guess depending on how fast you move through.

Each reverse kegel session aims for 3 sets of 10 and I feel something as I “relax” between each of the 10 conscious “push to pee” attempts. But certainly still don’t really notice much motion as such so I may not be getting it right.

They need to do a counter thing for the reverse like they do with regular Kegel, I keep losing count