Trying to stay in the positive but it’s hard

This is probably the 6th time I stayed over at my girls house and couldn’t stay hard. I’m still all in my head. I was receiving oral sex and had next to no feeling from it. I know I was in my head because my thoughts were everything BUT what was going on. And so I honestly felt frozen to figure out a way to try to get the erection on my own. I was trying all the exercises of mindfulness, deep breathing and medication the last two weeks and then right before. Even tried deep breathing right before. She tried to get on top with maybe 3/4 erect penis and couldn’t get it in. I ate her out a few times and she came 4 times over the course of about 8 hours…. Which she said she really enjoys. I’m so attracted to her and I really like this woman.
I really really want this to happen. I thought mojo would help me get there but I’m thinking about EMDR therapy. Anybody have a clue about it?

Weird side story. I met up with a woman who I’m not nearly as attracted to and from oral sex I got hard as a rock and it lasted. So that’s where I’m thinking this is mental and not physical.

If mojo works how long into the app did it take for you to see considerable success?

Emdr is to process trauma. If you think your ED is caused by past sexual or non sexual traumatic events in your life, then do it. Otherwise a normal sex therapist might be better.

Thank you. I don’t have sexual trauma or anything of the sorts. I think it’s just normal anxiety and fears/feelings because I have limited experience at 41.

In the same boat, I’m new to the mojo. I’m using injections but I still don’t have it dialed in yet. I’m fine with other people but the person I’m really interested in in my heart starts pounding and I get in my head

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