Difficulty getting hard even when alone

I’m 27 and started getting erectile problems about 2.5 months ago. I have been extremely stressed over this period of time and I’m not sure what to do. I’m worried as many of the people on here seem to only face erectile problems with a partner as a result of performance anxiety and this seems to be who Mojo is aimed at helping which makes me feel more helpless. I keep reading about stress and ED but it feels so physical, and I’m not sure if I’m imagining pain or it is really there. Has anyone been through something similar?


Oh of course. It’s the same thing, but it can happen anytime. Alone or with a partner… and it’s all the same, inner critic and fight or flight etc… This place helps a ton if you just work through the steps. Don’t worry


I started experiencing something like this about a month and a half ago. I masturbated one night and it didn’t feel all the way hard. I didn’t think much of it because there was no pain, but The next day I could not get hard at all, and the day after that is when I started waking up soft. This has been the case ever since. I saw a urologist after about 3 days and she insisted that it’s all in my head and it’ll resolve with some therapy. But the only stress I’m facing is from the fact that I know something is wrong and I don’t feel like my concerns are being taken seriously. Now here we are over a month later. I can get an erection with my girlfriend, but not hard enough for penetration. So I think it’s a physical issue. My next appointment is about two months away, so I’m trying my best to keep it together and take care of myself until then. I hope you can find some answers, man.

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Thanks, hope you get some answers too man

I have an ED problem which is not unusual for men my age. I’m 70. I can get hard but when I try to use a sex toy, a flesh light for instance, I go limp. My therapist thinks that it might be my choice of sex toy and to maybe try a stroker instead.

I’m in the same boat.
I desire sex as much as I have previously in my younger days (I’m 44)
But the erections I used to wake with almost every day and the random erections throughout the day, even as recently as ~6 months ago, have disappeared.
I suffered a groin injury and since then it is almost as if the constant fight or flight response is turned on and keeps me achieving a worthy erection