Trouble staying up

So I think I know where my sexual issues stem from. When I was young the first girl I got with wasn’t a virgin and I was (basically. I had tried one other time with a different girl, basically ejaculated from touch.) when I had sex it was quick trigger and we went two rounds. Later on she made a couple comments about how fast it was and comments that just upset me but I never talked about it. Ever since then I’ve always had a quick trigger even with other partners. I think it all stems from my experience with that girl. Since I never talked about it or did anything to heal I think it’s been trauma this whole time. Now I’m with this girl who I feel super connected with, and we’ve fooled around but when it’s time to have sex I go limp. I think I’m so nervous to fail her because I care so much. Where with other girls I didn’t care as much, or wasn’t as connected with them.

I know for a fact, mine is all in my head….just finally realized that and am trying to navigate through the issue with Mojo. I’m 53 and started taking TRT 2 years ago, due to a normal decline in my testosterone levels. Never really had any libido or ED issues prior to starting the TRT, but I fell behind on getting a new prescription for over 2 months and my entire hormones went haywire. I started TRT a few weeks ago, trying to get all my hormones balanced back out, but during those few months….my libido totally declined and had several issues maintaining an erection. I believe the initial cause was due to a rapid decline in my testosterone, but now I get worried, have major anxiety about being able to stay hard and yesterday I actually got a BJ and came while semi-hard….didn’t even know that was possible and lasted maybe a few minutes….sad state! I’ve always been internally prideful of my sexual abilities, so this issue has taken quite the toll on my sexual pride and confidence. Really really hope that this program helps me relax and trust my body and mind. Good luck to everyone out there. I’m very thankful for finding this program….it seems to be a major issue out there and it definitely makes me feel better about myself, that I’m not alone. Was really making me feel like a weak ass man. I tend to hold myself in really high regards and this has been an extremely humbling experience

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My story is pretty much the same. Only difference is that when the girl asked me if its the first time for me, I lied. Since than its stuck to my head that i cant last long and some times even can not get hard because of fear it might happen.