Trouble orgasming

I’m certain it’s all mental but I have the issue where I can get hard have sex but it takes me forever to orgasm. This has caused me to lose my erection and it becomes a rinse wash repeat until I climax, masturbate to orgasm, or just not cum at all. My partner is starting to think it’s her( it definitely isn’t) and it’s hurting her confidence and that only further exacerbates the issue.

The question is does anyone have any tips or solutions to orgasm quick because I would love to for her and myself


Similar/same issue. In addition to the mental, having issues with vaginal sex and sensitivity. Can get off masturbating, but whether it’s through death grip syndrome or something else, cannot cum through vaginal sex.

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I’ve been experiencing this while using Cialis (tadalafil) and assumed it was a side effect. I don’t feel less sensitivity but take much longer to ejaculate. Maybe this would be a feature for some but then I get into my head and worry about maintaining an erection for so long, and whether my partner is enjoying. I try to focus on sensations but that checklist is also distracting. I’ll try a lower dose.

Same for me, I feel I get too tired before I can reach orgasm. After relaxing a bit, I just lose the feeling and it becomes near impossible to get it hard again…