Trouble Getting Hard - Finding I’m not alone

My girlfriend and I have been together for just about 4 years and I never had an issue getting or maintaining an erection with her. A couple months ago, we were drinking and we came back and I was unable to get hard. She was upset, but understanding.

Since then, almost every single time we start getting intimate, my thoughts immediately start racing to “what if I can’t get or stay hard this time” which instantly kills any feelings I have. The more times this happens and the longer it goes on, the more my girlfriend feels it’s her fault which drives me crazy because I don’t want to lose her over this. The only time I’ve had success recently was thankfully for our anniversary. I snuck out of the room to put on a cock ring and force myself to get hard through the anxiety. It took between 5-10 minutes to shake the anxiety before I could get hard and walk back into the room. Every guy who has been going through this knows that not being able to get an erection hurts your self esteem on many levels.

This is my first day using this app, but already it’s helped me realize that it’s not just me and I’m not alone in this psychological driven ED. I really hope that this helps so I can get back to being in the moment


Yeah bro, it’s horrendous not being able to have sex and the anxiety keeps getting worse, I know how you feel. What is the cock ring btw and what does it do?

That’s exactly what happened to me. Couldn’t get hard once for some reason and I’ve been in my head ever since. I just joined this Mojo thing and hope it works.

Same situation for me. 5 years relationship, 2 kids ans never had issues. I absolutely love my partner, find her very attractive and get aroused when she is around me. But occasion to have sex are now very rare. She sleeps with the kids and we are rarely alone. Also, she doesn’t like foreplay and we need to get to penetration fast or she lose interest.

Getting hard was never a problem but it happened once a couple months back. Occasions to get laid are so rare, I am now stuck in a circle where if I don’t get hard, next time when we can have sex will be I don’t know when. So that inner voice kicks in telling me I can’t fail… and inevitably I fail. If’s now been months since we had sex and I am starting to be depressed by the situation…

Really feel for you I understand completely where you are at.