Trouble getting an erection with new partner

I (40) just met a new beautiful lady (47) after my last relationship ended do to a partner that quickly fell off with libido. I stuck around too long, got in my head yet again, and suppressed my sex drive.

I was shamed for wanting sex too often in my marriage. So, I’m still dealing with that shame also.

Now with this new lady and I have become hyper focused on making her cum and let me tell you she is wet and wild. No reservations at all! She has the highest drive of any woman I’ve been with. Great right!?!? I have to learn to turn my focus back on my needs as well and increasing my drive feeling far sub par. We’ve had 2 consecutive sexual encounters in 7 weeks. Only see each other once a week due to !conflicting parenting schedules. 1st time was me making her cum with oral. 2nd was just this morning me making her cum again orally and me immediately getting in my head and not being able to get hard. Was able to cum playing with myself w/her helping but barely hard.

How do I get through this? Feeling maybe our connecting is off due to time between seeing eachother?