Trapped in a vicious cycle

I feel like I’m in a vicious cycle. My wife isn’t happy with our lack-of-sex-life. I have some physical ED issues, but feel like mental is playing a bigger part than I was giving credit to. I do use porn; I started back using it last year trying to increase testosterone by using my dick more. I hoped it would increase my drive because really I have none. The porn I watch I am ashamed of and imagining those scenes is what it takes for me to maintain an erection and cum, if I can finish at all. It makes me feel like less of a man. I have little dick syndrome and the porn certainly makes that worse. She doesn’t have an issue with the sex and says my size is norma; she just wants it more often.

I am seeing a doctor to get meds adjusted and pumping to improve erection quality. Any ideas on ending the cycle, other than a bullet to the head?

The mojo process and very therapeutic and attacks the problem from a mental and physical angle. Don’t hurt yourself. Nothing is that bad if you step back and take perspective. Attend the Monday zoom meetings. I find them incredibly supportive.

I am signed for the first session Monday. I was signed this week but work got in the way. Thanks, I would never hurt myself, I love my family too much for that.

@successful-salmon-haddock Brother! Don’t be so hard on yourself! It is so easy to get in your head and have that inner critic take on a huge presence in your life. Give yourself more grace if you can. Patience and persistence, the world is yours! I struggled with ED after my divorce and found huge benefits from the Mojo meditations, exercises, and education. I also had a consult with a pelvic floor specialist who deals with men’s health. She helped me with some strengthening and to understand more about erections. I also have a new mindset that it’s ok if I am not turned on and that sex isn’t always penis in vagina. Toys, massage, touch, and so much more is still sex and intimacy. Maybe with a little fun and play with your wife you can take the pressure off performance and more focus on the pleasure. A counselor I talked with said “let pleasure be the measure!” Good luck my friend. Its a rough but can be a rewarding road with we are all dealing with.

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