Told your partner about Mojo?

Just wondering whether people have told their partners about using Mojo and if so, what there response has been? I’ve just started using it after a steady decline in my sexual confidence, ED and PE issues. My partner’s libido has dwindled to nearly nothing over the last 10 years and the issue causes a lot of tension between us so I’m unsure whether she will see Mojo as a positive step or just more pressure to have sex. I’d be really interested to hear others’ experiences. Thanks.

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Good question, I was wondering about the same

Hi, communication is key. I have very good communication with my partner and she is very open. To give some context she is going through menopause and also broke her foot last year so has gained some weight. She has lost her confidence and mojo… I was looking for something for both of us to help in regard to sex. I am not having performance issues as such although I do get in my own head about comparison and if I’m good enough etc… that is where my issues lay. When I first brought up mojo she made some assumptions that were incorrect about the app and why I was looking into it. We had a good chat about it and I my situation I am worried as I get older I am going to lose my mojo and she will regain hers and we will be misaligned sexually again. I am 50 this year and I am doing mojo to help me maintain sex longer naturally. Once I explained that to her she was fine and I also said she can look at it any time she wants, there are also couples mediations in there so I think involving your partner is better as it helps understanding of what it is you are doing and why. I find involving her actually helps because she then trusts me more and because I am showing her I care more for our long term earns points lol… but I am doing this for genuine reasons… communication is key.


My wife has no interest in me using Mojo to help with ED and anxiety.

I’ve been in therapy for quite some time, and one of the best things I got out of it was the idea of “if you’re avoiding a conversation because you anticipate a negative reaction, when do you expect your partner to not react negatively?”

It was something I hadn’t really considered before that. In my head, I imagined talking about an issue with my partner eventually, but that eventually either never came or when it did, it went the same as if I’d done it the first day I noticed the issue.

I say to say this. Communication truly is something that never hurts and can only help (when it is effective and healthy). If that ever becomes untrue, you won’t gain anything from not addressing the issue, except perhaps months or years of wasted time dancing around your true thoughts/feelings rather than working on them. I encourage everyone to practice that level of honesty and integrity.

Now, to directly answer your question, yes my partner is aware of Mojo. I didn’t see a reason not to tell her, after all, she was there everytime I lost an erection. Why shouldn’t she know that I’m seeking improvement about it? She has her own reservations about the program to be transparent, but she is supportive and wants me to feel more confident. Anyone who loves you should be able to resonate with that.

I encourage you to consider if you could be projecting your own insecurities and fears onto your partner. You’d certainly be far from the first to do so. If that statement is genuinely untrue, then I would invite you to next consider if your relationship is serving you the way you need it to. You should not be afraid to say anything self-reflecting to someone who loves you.


I am having therapy and my counsellor encouraged me to be upfront with my wife about my issues and Mojo which I have been. I agree that communication is everything but my wife said that after being in a sexless marriage for so long she wouldn’t even consider the idea of having sex.

. . . . and that I have only myself to blame.

That sounds really difficult. I hope you can keep believing that things can change for the better and work on yourself for your own sake.


It took me some time to discuss my ED issues with my partner, but I’m lucky that she is incredibly supportive of it.

Our problem is that MOJO seems to take lots of time, and we’re both very tired by the time we’ve finished work and eaten. We’re also finding it a bit unpredictable when we do have time, which frustrates me.

We’ll keep at it, though, better than relying on pills and not sharing like I used to

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Good on you for discussing your ED issues with your partner. I know how difficult that can be. I am pleased that you have a supportive partner to confide in. Keep at it and may you and your partner stay the journey.

I’ve been open with my partner about using MOJO from the start which I find relieves a lot of the pressure around sex in general. By being open with her I feel like she is a part of my journey in dealing with these issues which is very reaffirming and gives me positive outlook on figuring these things out.