Success stories

So I know most of the content on this forum involve people discussing their challenges and problems. I thought it would be helpful to start a thread for men to share their success stories.

I’ll start with my own.

I’d suffered from ED for four years before I discovered Mojo. Back in 2018, my relationship with my ex-girlfriend broke down for a number of reasons. One issue we had was my ex’s biased and unrealistic expectations of what a healthy sex life should look like. Through her pressure and my focus on performance I lost confidence in myself and started experiencing ED. We broke up at the start of 2019. The ED wasn’t the main cause but it didn’t help.

I was then single for the next three years. I hooked up with girls during this period and even entered into short relationships. ED continued to be a theme. I was never confident in my sexual performance and used pills to get through sexual encounters. I mentioned the problem to a partner last summer but the problem persisted. When that relationship broke down, I knew I needed to tackle my ED once and for all.

I decided to reach out to a psychosexual therapist. In our first session, she recommended Mojo. Around the same time, I met a girl I really liked. She lived in a different city so we naturally had to take things slow.

From October 2021 (3 months ago at the time of writing), I stopped the therapy and immersed myself in Mojo. I did everything: the courses, the meet-ups, the meditations, the podcasts. I also brought up the issue with my new partner when I visited her place for the first time. She was amazed at how good a communicator I was (I can thank Mojo for that advice). That weekend, in our first few sexual encounters, my erections were improving. It didn’t matter that they weren’t perfect. We’d agreed to just have fun together - to focus on enjoying each other’s company in bed rather than any specific outcome. We actually ended up having sex. It wasn’t perfect by any means but I managed it without a pill.

Since then my sexual confidence has gone from strength to strength. This weekend (January 2022), my new partner visited me for the weekend. Although it still crossed my mind, I had zero issues with my erections. The sex is the best it’s been in years.

The main difference for me now is simply that I worry less in the bedroom. In the past, losing my erection in bed was catastrophic. Now when things don’t go to plan, I let it go. I know the erection will come back. I’m so much better at going with the flow.

I also have a partner who puts zero pressure on me. For this, I’m so fortunate. However, this only came about due to my frankness about the problem when we were first dating.

I’m so thankful for Mojo. I intend to keep my subscription for the time-being, firstly as an insurance, and secondly because I’m so thankful and want to continue to financially support the platform.

I look forward to reading some other success stories on here soon :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for writing this post. It means a lot to me and the team whole at Mojo. :pray:

Thanks for sharing this experience, it really does mean a lot to me. Especially your emphasis on fun. I realise so much of my sexual experience has been charged with such a charge of seriousness/shame…

Thanks for sharing!


It’s nice to see some positive outcomes on here mate, It’s great to hear you’ve been doing so well!

My experience has been very similar to yours. I’ve had years of ED, relationship issues, and a poor relationship with sex. But I started using MOJO back in July/August, met my new (very supportive) partner in September and I was open and honest with her before we even entered the bedroom. Progress was slow at first and there were setbacks here and there. But I’ve basically been ED free since the new year and like you my sexual confidence is so much better than it’s ever been.

Mojo has really been life changing, I’ve been hiding from these issues for years and I finally feel like I have the tools to deal with them.