The pressure to get my wife pregnant is causing me to not perform

Don’t know really where to start and what to say. But the problem has started to occur when my wife and I have decided to try and have kids. Prior to her ovulation window we could have sex as normal but once she was close to the ovulation window I get stuck in my head. The pressure to perform would make me lose my erection and unable to ejaculate. She was really understanding and tried to keep me relaxed and focused throughout. After a few months I started to get a bit better and we managed to get pregnant. However, we then had a miscarriage and it has become so much worse. We have been trying again and have not been having any luck for many months. Every month that goes by it becomes more difficult for me to get erect. I feel like I am letting my wife down and that i am the reason we can’t get pregnant again. I am so much in my head, that i fear to try having sex because i can see the pain in her eyes everytime I have sex and cant perform. She is being very understanding but i know i am letting her down.

I relate to this 1000000% I was in the same boat when we were trying. It was so anxiety inducing and stressful. I would suggest to remove the demand for schedule sex and just have sex for fun again. We tried for four years this was and it was miserable. Once we have up and had sex for fun we were able to conceive.

I’m in the same boat. I’ve been unable to get an erection for the past 2 ovulation cycles and I’m terrified. I go into panic at even the thought of sex. Has mojo helped?