Performance anxiety around ovulation

I just joined the community as I’m having severe ED around my wife’s ovulation. I’ve struggled with ED amd PE in the past, but have been fine for a while. We’ve been trying to conceive for 4 months, the first 2 we’re great, we had lots of sex. But then I lost my erection and haven’t been able to have sex during her ovulation window. We can have sex outside of it, but I go into panic when the pressure is on.

Does anyone have any experience overcoming this?

I’m in the EXACT same boat. It was all fine until I started to feel the pressure to hit that specific window and now I’m a mess. Started the Mojo program this week after a rather unpleasant post-missed-window conversation… wife was obviously disappointed but supportive but the inner critic was a real ass about it all. So, hopefully we’ll see results in the program. At least it feels better to know that there’s another doing the same thing.