All Day Performance Anxiety

I’ve recently began to struggle with performance anxiety. Sex between my girlfriend and I had become mechanical and we both agreed things needed to change. Since then I have been unable to get an erection. We only see each other a couple of days a week and from the moment I wake up on those days, I am racked with anxiety. When the moment comes I just cannot perform. She’s a goddess and I’m incredibly attracted to her, despite that nothing happens. It’s literally all in my head and I don’t know how to get out. I’m feeling desperate.

I just started the Mojo program, but am looking for any advice with my issue.


I can identify with the all day anxiety. I find that talking to my partner about it alleviates some of the mental angst. Mine comes and goes in waves. One bad sexual experience where I struggle ever-so-slightly staying hard results in a negative head space leading forward and even feelings of depression. I think eventually I get so exhausted from feeling stressed that I somehow snap out of it. Keep communicating with your partner to create a safe space where you don’t have to be perfect. We aren’t machines after all…

Man, it’s the absolute worst… when my wife says “we should have sex tonight” i am ruined for the entire day, even if i take a pill… cramps, shakes, cold shivers, i go to the bathroom a dozen times in the day, serious stuff… i wish i could be helpful but im dealing with the same thing, so you arent alone… if that helps at all.