Pressure to start a family

My partner and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year now and have been unsuccessful. Recently, when it has come to that time of the month when she ovulates, I’ve struggled to get erect enough to have sex. I think it’s due to the pressure of having to perform at the right time mixed with the wanting to have kids really badly and not being able to yet.

Any advice?


Bro, I am in the same boat. I didn’t had any issues before but now when we are trying for a baby, I have developed Ed due to pressure of performing during the ovulation period. This anxiety leads to ed which I have understood and we need to do the exercises mentioned here. I believe it is better to get out of head thinking of baby rather enjoy the sex which could help. waiting for other people’s suggestions here


I’m at the same place. Only I added my 3rd reversal (and last one I can have). I’ve had pain during sex which makes me feel anxious that I’m going to scar over again. I know because of my lack of physical activity my pelvic muscles suffered. To make things even more fun I have low T and had to get off treatment too.

Now I’m stuck with performance anxiety, pressure of wanting to get the job done, hormone issues I can’t address right now and just beginning to get into the gym again.

Everything about sex fertile or not isn’t enjoyable. It’s like the voice in my head is just looking for a reason it’s not going to work. There’s no spontaneity and everything feels mechanical. Every little thing distracts or annoys me and I fixate on those things or my pending failure.

My arousal hovers around a 3-4 and goes to zero if anything happens to change. If my wife gets an O or change positions, I feel like I have to start over.

I’d kill for having a Pre mature ejaculation problem right now. Wish I could just get things done in 30 seconds and hit it again later. I’m luck right now if I can physically have sex after 2-3 days. Sometimes not even then.

I used to be an every day guy and now there’s no way. I want to be back there and not only enjoy sex, but crave my wife and be able to do that physically. Right now everything is so messed up and upside down. I feel kind of hopeless.


I think I am in the same boat as well like up until we started talking about kids sometimes it would happen to fast but once we started to kind of try for a baby it’s like performance pressure

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Yeah mate, I feel that.

I feel it bro. I have been avoiding sex due to embarrassment since.inhave developed Ed due to performance pressure and have joined mojo to try fe things. I am anxious to start again but would like to give it a shot, having tried the exercises here. I don’t want to try pills for this since I know it’s a psychological issue because I never had my issues in my sex life until we decided to have kids.

Anyone else who was in the same boat and was able to overcome, please provide suggestions since I know this is a common issue which many have faced but would love to know how they surpassed it and started a family.