That Embarrassing Feeling

Tonight, I met this Brazilian girl on a night out and brought her back to my place and everything was going great, we got all cozy, watched a movie and then when the time came to get active, for some reason I struggled to get it up. Eventually I went to the bathroom and started to think what the actual fuck was all that about, I started feeling embarrassed and thought of myself as a loser, this was my chance to get some action after a very long time and I messed it up. She started asking me “Do you not find me pretty? Are you not comfortable? Is it my fault?” - and I just said It’s nothing wrong with you it’s all me", and I apologised. I ordered her an Uber and politely asked her to leave, this was a night to forget and has honestly killed all my confidence.


Almost same thing happened to me 30 minutes ago


It’s all good man you just got nervous next time try and focus on her and how excited you are and don’t be nervous don’t think and focus on it not getting up tbh don’t even think about your dick man just focus on her


I had the same thing happen to me and idk about you but there’s one move that takes my mind off of the pressure and that’s giving head to the girl idk why but I get more into it and I don’t even think about me getting it up or anything and that seems to work for me and allows me to be active for a little bit instead of just ending it, idk try something like that where you don’t need to use your tool and where it’s smth you enjoy that can get you’re mind off of everything. Most girls are understanding sometimes I label it as performance anxiety and they understand and will help you somewhat idk maybe give it a try.


Try giving a girl a massage with oils. Maybe put on some slow and sexy music. Make it as intimate as possible and move really slowly. Try to do things that make you comfortable. Always communicate with your partner/the girl.
I’ve found that although I struggle getting it to stay hard…. Slow progress leads to a closer to success result.

Yeah I tend to just go at girl with hands&mouth just thinking bout pleasuring her ,massage slow build up sucking om ripples before running hands every where parting her legs& getting busy with convoluted
. Alternatively I just put hand in panties rub pussi nice wet I then get fingers in 4 and concentrate on girl cunning love this and she loving you I spend long after she squirm is in state of pleasure fins if ppilut in then don’t cum quick& doesn’t feel pressure as she has already cum hard do no pressure also very wet less friction cam last