Tell us — what are the best moves for giving a woman pleasure?

I love using my fingers. After a lot kissing, touching, and grinding I will slowly caress the vulva and simultaneously kiss them wherever they signal their erogenous areas until they let me know they want more or are I can tell are just feeling it and are wet. I’ll then insert finger(s) and use the beckon gesture around her G spot until they respond pleasurably to it. In my experience it seems often to be most effective for me to keep a consistent and long enough motion to have them cum. I then like to move onto other positions and already climaxing once she will be warmed up to other positions we try.

G-spot with fingers, and stimulating the clitoris with your tongue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Licking the clit while two fingers are inside stroking the G spot.

Beckoning motion with two fingers on her g-spot. It works really well.

Give the clit a blow job

Delay touching most sensitive spots


Licking and fingering her

Lots of foreplay. Light touches all over the body. Appreciate everything. Women are much more willing to do, instruct and be vocal if they are comfortable, relaxed and appreciated! Definitely manscape! I will go for the clit if clothes are on, we are sneaking a little touch in public (discretely), dancing while making dinner or from behind during domestic chores! This is only to stimulate and tease. Not to finish and is usually only for a few seconds. Builds ecstasy! Keep it spicy!

switching between stimulating the clitoris and g-spot

Teasing the vulva with the fingertips then the clitoris with the tongue while using the fingers to stimulate the Gspot and the anus