Tell us — what are the best moves for giving a woman pleasure?

Lick her vagina

i’m gay so i don’t have much experience.

I don’t have any issues with setting the girls off. I know how to work the clitoris and G spot to make them squirt

With my partner, she loves 3 fingers while I lick her clitoris. And when talking about penetration, she loves doggy and cow-girl

Clitoris and GSpot are always a winning combo

Do not rush to the clitoris. Stimulate all the areas that should get her aroused and play to what she responds to with some build up.

Slowly making kissing all over the body then finally end up on the vulva and clitoris for climax.

Doggystyle while stroking her pussy.
Eating her out well
When she lies on her stomach with a pillow beneath her and gets railed from behind.
A bit of roughness

sucking on her boobs while giving it to her in cowgirl position…

Fingering then licking

all over tease as buildup, moving to nipple areas, when moving towards vagina, rub butt, squeeze or spank, then when she’s really getting going, tease the vagina for a bit. then when she’s ready, go to the clit. I find that making my girlfriend cum before penetration helps me relax, I don’t worry about performance anxiety, it’s much more enjoyable, and she’s likely to them cum from penetration.

Putting my water in really hot water and then taking it to the show. This feels amazing for them.