Tell us — what are the best moves for giving a woman pleasure?

I’m old and have been with my wide firv14 years, I forget about this stuff. It’s helpful as a refreasher.

I also agree that rubbing your penis over the clitoris when not fully erect is a great way to regroup and reset for action.

A more advanced female centric pleasure is vaginal fisting. This requires a lot of practice, trust and LUBE but my God it is sooo hot for both us. Me watching, and her hitting the roof orgasm

When she’s a little over halfway to orgasm you gently press the index finger on her anus. Gently start to stimulate it and insert the finger slightly. When she orgasms it will blow her mind.

One finger in her vagina, one in her anus, another rubbing the clit, and kissing her, all at the same time.

The most effective for my girl is definitely rubbing or sucking on the clit. I probably do have a tendency to go for it too quickly. This lesson is a good reminder to spend some extra time in the area without rushing. She also seems to really enjoy when I run or kiss the inner thighs.

Using my tongue to spell out the alphabet over the clitoral nubbin when she’s getting close to cumming. Works every time, many times before the letter ‘Z’. Also the clitoris is not just the button but covers the whole area.