Talk to your girl

mid 20s dude. I was having problems getting hard while in a new relationship bc I was anxious I wouldn’t live up to her past sexual partners. Once we talked about it together and that our own physical securities or other people, didn’t matter, we both could lose the head games.

I had a few times where I couldn’t get up or just went soft but now that we’ve been open and had some great experiences, I am overcoming the problem. Feels so freeing to be intimate and fully in the moment.
It is not a linear progression though. :chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend:

Be patient, be open, and focus on loving each other rather on your own satisfaction.


I’m in a similar situation, I broke up with an ex of two years, eventually I met a new girl we kicked it off pretty well and she eventually came back to my place. I was struggling getting an erection so I ended up taking care of her needs, I’ve had a conversation with her but I’m still inside my head. She told me not to worry about it to much and things we’ll get better over time.

Thank you for that post you wrote!


I’m in exactly the same boat here. Really playing on my mind. Hopefully this Mojo can help though i’m pessimistic