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I have been dealing with ED for about 7 months now. It has took an impact to my relationship of 4 years. I have a beautiful partner who has the fattest ass, great body on her and her face exceeds it. But i fell victim to porn addiction, and tadalafil pills. I first started using tadalafil pills for fun to get a stronger erection. Keep in mind im only 24, i then would find myself masterbating to porn when i would have my penis up and ready even after i had just had sex. Long story short, i started feeling guilty i was masterbating and imagining having sex w these females on porn websites that when I would have sex with my partner, i had lost sensation to real sex snd i was overthinking my actions and led me to anxiety which led to sexual anxiety which in result, gave me ED. Almost had a few break up conversations with my partner due to me not getting hard, she took it pretty bad because she thought I just was not attractive to her anymore after 4 years of perfectly fine good sex. And over time it would happen everytime we tried having sex that sex to me was not appealing anymore. But I have now been 2 months clean from porn addiction and my anxiety still lives within me. Last 3 times having sex were successful, but because i had took tadalafil. Today we had sex but before having sex, i Knew we were going to have sex and i was so anxious snd nervous that i wasnt going to get hard. I took a tadalafil before having sex w her. And i was able to get hard, i just know if i didnt take it. My anxiety would have over powered me and not made me get hard. Beginning of having sex i was so anxious my mouth was dry and my heart was pounding fast. If anyone has any advice on how to overcome this, it would be very much appreciated.


I have the exact same thing and I’m 24 myself, the first time I had it was 3 months ago. And no big deal, it happened 2 more times and now I freak out every time I’m going to have sex and it prevents me from getting hard in overall now because it’s 24/7 on my mind. 2 weeks ago I had a good week had great sex without pills 3 times and now I’m back in my head and I don’t know why because it was back ‘normal’. I feel your pain brother, I’m going to do some tests to see if it’s psychical maybe that is a mental boost if it says it’s only in my head. Wish you all the best brother

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I want pills

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