Successful penetrative sex for the first time in ages!

Last night, I finally managed to have successful penetrative sex with a woman I started dating recently!

I’ve been intimate with her for a while, but I have been struggling with ED issues for some time, so I wasn’t able to stay hard enough for long enough to penetrate. We’d mostly stuck to foreplay type stuff, but most times, I’d have trouble finishing or even receiving pleasure generally.

Using this app has helped me get out of my own head and drop some of those unhelpful negative thoughts. But I think one of the most useful aspects of it was the grounding exercises and including calm introspection(instead of self-loathing rumination) as part of my daily routine. That’s helped me make other healthy choices in my life, too.

I’ve also made a conscious effort to masturbate less often. It’s been really hard to stop relying on porn as a coping mechanism. So far, I still look at it regularly to scratch the itch, but I don’t necessarily masturbate every time. Hopefully, I can continue to slowly transition to a more healthy relationship to porn.

Anyway, I guess i just wanted to report that progress is possible with this app! I still have a long way to go, but last night was a meaningful milestone for me. Also, if you’re in a relationship, do make an effort to communicate what you’re still working through! Clearing the air and setting expectations will really help you relax and feel safe.


The only healthy relationship with porn is none at all.



Currently i see porn like any other vice, fun in moderation but dangerous in excess - Who knows, perhaps I will land on a similar viewpoint to yours in time. Regardless, quitting cold turkey isn’t going to work for me, so I’m trying to go for small improvements at a time.

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Where can I find those exercises that you said help the most?

I feel like most of us are here because we’ve had/have a porn problem. With the internet, porn’s so easily available and free, that we’re victims of overconsumption. It’s not good for you in these extreme doses.