Struggling with reverse kegels?

I want to do the reverse Kegel exercise correctly, but can’t tell if I’m doing it right or really know what I’m doing to begin with. Does anyone have any helpful tips that makes the reverse Kegel exercise easier to follow?

im having same issue. I cant seem to do it. Ive been trying for many months and still cant do it. I can just do the normal kegels

Yes, same for me. I’m a bit frustrated that the Mojo app just drops this one with one page of written instruction and no other support or assistance. There is tons of assistance for the relatively easy work of soft penis pleasuring, including a guided session with audio. To me, that is a very simple exercise. But I don’t even know how to do kegels, much less reverse-kegels. Taking control of muscles I’ve never much taken notice of before is very difficult. It am frustrated that I have to consult other resources outside of the app I’m paying a subscription for to learn how to do this stuff.