Sometimes right before the thing happens i get soft and i dont know why

Hi guys, i have an issue with erection i guess. Im 17 and i got a new partner and almost whenever we try to have sex i get soft right before the action, but sometimes when we do the thing im done in like less then a minute. This thing i kinda new for me first reason is because we do raw sex and second because i have never had this kind of issues.


Could be a mental hang up or anxiety about being with a new partner, could be that there is less foreplay and more sensation now that you are doing it raw. Raw sex without a condom hits differently, but this is an opportunity to work on becoming proficient in what your new partner likes. If you go soft right before, tell them you want to explore their body until you get hard again then ask “where should I start?”. If you finish too fast, focus less on the pump speed. Daily sex helps get used to the raw feeling and your stamina will go up, so consistency is key rather than missing out on sexy time just cuz you couldn’t stay hard. Hope that helps!


I have a similar issue, sometimes I can get an erection and it’s going well, but as soon as I have to pause to put on a condom I lose it and can’t get it back.

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Thank you very much, and also like with the issue finishing too fast, in my opinion from the start i do it very slowly but the sensitivity its just too high, is it like an issue or is it normal, I had a different partner before but the issue was opposite so like do you think its a mental thing or like will it get better?

I have thought about this myself, and for me I think the clue is to more focus on my pleasure then hers, but I dont mean that you shouldnt make her feel good but make yourself a priority because if you are not the one enjoying it that what is the purpose of even doing it. I hope it will help you as well, like i still have a bit of issue with that but its much better. good luck