Soft During Oral Sex?

I came over to my girlfriend of 3 years house after a late shift. She was sexting me, I was hard all day. We had a hot teasing moment earlier that day. She kept talking about how wet she was. When I came over at 3 am we started making out. I was HARD. As soon as she started going down on my I went soft… I don’t understand. This has never been an issue and it felt SO good and she’s always great at it. What the hell is wrong with me. She won’t even let me touch her now. I can’t think sleep or eat after that. I’m so embarrassed and she thinks I’m unattached to her now and never wants to give me head ever again.

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Yo honestly this same shit has happened to me. Don’t have a girlfriend, but was hooking up with this chick and we were making out and everything, and I was HARD and then same shit. She took off her clothes, and as she was taking off mine I went soft. I was like wtf and I started to panick a little internally and then just kinda like played it off by eating her out or wtv… but it was fucking weird and made me feel like shit

Yeah she’s convinced now I’m unattracted to her cus I went soft in her mouth

The same thing happened to me in a previous relationship, and it just takes some healthy communication with her to help her understand it’s not her. It’s something which can happen to guys, obviously why you’re here and hopefully she understands that it sucks for you just as much as it does for her. Just make her feel special and make sure she knows it’s not her.

I have been in similar situations where me going soft has really hurt my partner. It really sucks and I feel so bad and even worse that I’ve hurt her feelings in the process. Unfortunately this then leads me to worry it will happen again which feeds into negative self talk and more erection issues. We have talk about it, clarifying that it’s not her and sharing my inner thoughts helps. Also hoping this course will help. Already ready other guys stories has helped me feel less alone.

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I just had this experience and it really sucked, pun intended. lol
Had a good conversation about it the next day with my gf who felt she was doing something wrong. Which was absolutely not the case. It was all me.