Sex isn't everything for us

I’ve been having Ed issues for roughly about 10 yrs, it started off with me being able to get hard and then within a minute or 2 I’d go limp, it really started to bother me the first few times it happened, but my loving wife would tell me that sex isn’t everything and we’ve been ok with that, however since I’ve been wanting to try to get our sex life back, no kinda simulation has worked at all, whether it’d be physical touch, or I’ve also tried pills to no avail thus far.i still can’t gain an hard on, I’d stay completely limp and useless, however I’d like to be a physical partner to here again. How can I go about doing that ?

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Keep trying brother

Also may be worth having a complete physical medical to make sure all health aspects are ok and any management/improvement steps are put in place.

I’ve done that I believe and my Dr didn’t do anything