Sex after dinner

Blood has to go to the belly to digest food. If it’s going there there, my limited knowledge goes, it would be harder for the penis to get its blood for a hard on. Am I right on this? How much time do you guys wait after dinner to feel your dick will be ready for some action? I’m starting to think I should suggest some pre dinner sex to change things up.

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Digestion lasts for about 4 hours, and sustenance is also part of keeping a healthy body. Although, there’s fasting, and I did had more energy when I was doing it. So blood will pump anyways through our organs. I think it is way more about being relaxed and in the moment than controlling blood flow. It’s part of it, but not all.

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I’ve actually done a little research on this cause I thought the same. And actually notices the same. I try to at least not eat something for 3 hours before expecting sex. I feel that should be enough.

Yes, it’s way more about the mental state. Fear is the problem, not a meal.

Dan Savage (podcast sex therapist) always says “fk first!” Referring to dinner dates. I feel the same way. Most of the time, after dinner, we feel satisfied and just don’t crave sex like we do during the day. Probably some sort of primal thing? I personally find that if I have a 7pm dinner, I’m not usually into it until maybe 11pm, if I’m even up that late. Depends on the situation of course. But I think that’s pretty normal. Something that can help is keeping dinner light and staying a little ‘hungry’. Give it a try, or eat earlier, or just fk earlier, before dinner. Good luck!