Sensate question

Hello, I have a sensate question hopefully someone can help me with. I’ll be doing it alone to start, hopefully with someone else soon. But how do the stages work? Do I do stage one for 20 mins, then next time do stage 2, and so forth. Or do I do all stages at once? It seems like it would take like 2 hours if I did it all at once… experiences? Suggestions?

Similar situation here. It looks like you’re not supposed to do all 5 stages at once. Just do one level every 2 days. But I’m not sure when to go from level 1 to 2, or 2 to 3, etc. How am I supposed to know when to change levels?

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Yes I’ve focused on solo sensate so far.

I think one level at a time. There doesn’t seem to be any guidance on when to move levels.

I think you should start at level one and not skip steps. If you are comfortable at the level you are on then try next step.

I think people can feel self conscious / silly/ embarrased doing this work. They can have sense of shame or have never explored the body in this way - it takes time to learn to appreciate the sensations so moving too fast may not be helpful.

Personally I was very comfortable level 1. The level in front of a mirror was somewhat less comfortable - I’m not having my photo in a calendar anytime soon!! So I spent a few sessions there before moving on.

I found the exercise very helpful in reconnecting with my body and non genital aspects of masturbation. Found some areas of my body I enjoyed touching I wasn’t expecting eg feet and toes.

So I would take your time on this.

Anyway those are my long winded thoughts.

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With the sensate it is important to take it slowly, do a stage at a time. Set the time aside, where you can feel un rushed and relaxed. You are wanting to be able to notice any thoughts and feelings. Try not to judge them just take mental notes. It can be helpful to try each exercise twice (you can do them more times if you want) as the second /each time you may notice different feelings and thoughts. Move on when you feel comfortable again setting time aside etc You are wanting to get back into your body, bringing the thoughts back to the touch, temperature, pressure etc - if your thoughts wander off (which they will) just gently bring then back to the body and sensations - enjoy

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