I don't get sensate

So I am a little confused. Isn’t the sensate exercise kind of the same thing as soft penis pleasuring?

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I’ve done the solo sensate. Actually I’d say no as the focus is total body touching from head to toe. Level 1 doesn’t include genitals at all. Later levels I’d say soft penis pleasuring could be included within the sensate work but you are also touching other areas whereas soft penis pleasuring is genital focused.


Sensate is one of the best exercises to get you back into your body and out of your head. Set aside time you wont be disturbed. Initially just wear boxers and a tee shirt so you can feel your skin. You are just going to take your time touching your body, noticing any thoughts, sensations , different feeling skin, hair, smooth, rough, warm, cold etc Nothing is right or wrong, don’t judge any thoughts, just notice. If your thoughts go off (they will) gently draw them back to the part of the body you are touching. This will help you in the future to ‘control’ your thoughts. But you do need to practice! have fun!


I’m struggling with this as well. 20 minutes is so long it’s difficult to commit to that and after 5 minutes… I’m just bored and out of things to touch and try.