Sensate exercise

Hey all I’m really struggling to do the sensate exercises. I just can’t get into it at all and it just stresses me thinking about not doing it

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Firstly, not sure there’s any benefit to stressing about it. Personally, there’s lots of stuff on here that just isn’t for me - meditation being a prime example. Some stuff definitely does work for me - wax and wane and the guided masturbation for example.

The sensate exercises are of no interest to me - as my wife has no interest in joining. If it was with her then I think it would be pretty effective, but it’s not something I want to do by myself.

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It is helpful that you are noticing that the thought of the sensate is stressful - you are becoming aware of situations. The sensate can be helpful to get you back into the body and out of your head. Perhaps try again with a goal of just 5 mins. If you can be in shorts and tee shirt - you want to be able to feel some skin. Sit or lie down, take a few deep breaths, say to yourself this is just an experiment - it doesn’t matter what happens. Beginning to touch you right foot, notice hairs, skin colour, temperature, nails etc - then just move up your right leg, slowly doing the same. then move up your body, shoulders neck face, head, hair again just noticing, no judgement, noticing thoughts, keep breathing! If your thoughts wander see if you can bring them back to the part of the body your are feeling and looking at. Then down the other side and you’re done! Sensate can be helpful for you when you try the other mindful exercises but don’t worry if it is not your thing. Box breath can help with the stressful feelings. Good luck!