Can't get into sensate

Has anyone got any tips on the sensate stuff? I quite like mindfulness/ meditation practices etc, but I find that 20 minutes of tracing my body is extremely boring. The most I can do is 10. I have read that it’s the exercises we want to ignore that often can help us the most. Any insights are appreciated on how to make this exercise work or any success from it

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I’ve enjoyed it. I have only worked on the solo aspects as my partner is not on board at this point.

I agree 20 mins is too long. I just do 10 as well. I also don’t do it quite as frequently as my mojo programme suggests to be honest.

However I try to ensure i do different things each session - focus on different areas of my body. Try to explore different pressures, speed of touch. And think about temperatures and textures as well as touch sensations as suggested in mojo guided masturbation that I’ve had.

I’ve found this to have increased my enjoyment of masturbation sessions a great deal.

But yes feel there may be some diminishing returns as time goes by.

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I just did a short 10 min solo session and was disappointed when the timer ended … so persevere you never know you may come to enjoy it!