Sensate - 20 minutes is looongggg

I actually haven’t don’t much of this yet… after a podcast I now try this under the shower…

But laying down touching myself for 20 minutes seems Iike forever!

And am I really supposed to start with 1, than 2 etc? I feel like at least starting at 3. But than how many times before moving on to the next?

I don’t understand

I did the Sensate yesterday for the first time and I thought the same thing half way through. I guess it highlighted how eager I was to get to the finish line to win the race so to speak instead of slowing down to enjoy running the race (bad analogy I know)

Give it a try following the steps as described as they will be there for a reason. Take your time to connect with your body and sensations that feel good etc.

For me it highlighted how much I can still get in my head and don’t connect or hadn’t connected with the touch sessions in my body.

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Move onto the next steps when you feel comfortable at that step you are on without feeling the pressure to move on just to get to step 4.
All of us are different and will take different times on each step.

I started with 10mins and built up. More important I think to start the process than to be strict on the time….I built up to 20mins and now the time can go quite quickly!

Well I honestly don’t think it’s because I want to get to the finish line… Its just that I have ADHD and just don’t have that much patience and I get bored :sweat_smile:.

But yeah I’ll try. And I do think I’ll start with 10 minutes at step one I guess, with a shirt on. I’ll just assume there is a reason for that. Maybe if the ball is rolling I’ll manage longer than the 10 minutes

Thanks for the replies