Self Sensate tips?

I tried the self sensate level 1 exercises today. It says to do 10 minutes on the front and 10 on the back. Iโ€™m just wondering if anyone has tips for doing this exercise and working your back. I can only reach a couple of areas on my back, when doing my front I can reach all of my skin and have some nice sensations that I can feel from my touch. However, on the back all I can feel is the strain in my arms trying to reach places.

Anyway if anyone has any tips on what to do for self sensate on the back Iโ€™d love to hear them.

My instructions say 10 mins on each side of the body. I took that to be 10 mins on the feft hand side and 10 mins on the right.

I do reach where I can on my back though - shoulders by the neck, lower back, butt, back of thighs etc but yeah I canโ€™t reach all my back. Could use a back scratcher or long handled bath brush or such I guess - but yeah I read it more as left and right rather than front and back.

Thank you for this. I took it as front and back like a standard massage. Iโ€™ll try the left side right side approach next time.