Anyone else struggling with sensate?

I’ve got to phase 6 and have tried self sensate a couple of times. I feel like it gets me more frustrated as I can’t seem to feel any sensual pleasure out of it and worried that it will just make things worse, if I get used to touching myself and can’t feel pleasure… 20 mins feels like ages and about half way through I start to get agitated, waiting for time to be up and still not feeling too much… just wondering g if anyone else is going through this? Whether it’s worth pushing through it or just stop sensate?

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I’ve found this practice to be very akin to mediation. It can’t be forced, but really unmatched pleasure is possible if I can achieve the proper flow. I don’t have a set way to achieve it—might be a complex combination of my mental and physical states along with some indescribable focus/access and giving of myself to the pursuit—but I’ve had waves of “electric” sensation run through my body from touch aided with meditative thought.

I’m with you. I’m finding that my body in general doesn’t like to be touched, and I figure that’s valuable insight in and of itself, maybe requiring more individualized therapy.

There’s two places that actually feel good to me: a light brushing of my fingertips on the palms of my hands and the bottoms of my feet, so I start with those and spend most of my time on those.

The rest of my arms and legs are just ok. A scalp massage and parts of my face and neck are ok most times. My torso is either nothing or slightly uncomfortable, especially around the nips and belly.

None of this feels sensual nor sexual to me in the slightest though. After all this, I have a good 5 minutes left, in which I’ll revisit the good places, or just nap.

I’m sticking with it though, I feel it’s still early in the process.