Scared to get back out there

Had one previous relationship. Started poorly in the bedroom. I believe due to porn/masturbation addiction that I’ve gotten back into since it ended. Eventually stopped watching porn and had a relatively good sex life with her in regards to my performance. Now I refuse to try find another partner because I don’t believe I’ll be able to perform with whoever it may be. Trying to stop masturbating completely but I always end up doing it. I feel that this is the last thing I need to overcome for me to be truly happy.


Hey sorry your’re experience those feelings.

I think going brutal cold turkey on masturbation may be very harsh … and give you feelings of failure and weakness whenever you end up doing it - masturbation can be very pleasurable so why deny yourself.

I strongly believe you can develop a guilt free balance with masturbation & porn that allows you to enjoy that and your relationships.

Their’s actually mojo recorded therapy sessions on rebalancing porn use which I found helpful for this and I would think similar approach could apply to masturbation.

Be kind to yourself first of all.


Pretty much in the exact same boat, had one relationship a while ago which started with some erection issues I think due to nerves, anxiety and porn use. Eventually they went away and sex life was great. That relationship ended and now I’m hesitant to get back out there because I worried I won’t be able to perform.