My Story as a 20 year old

My issues began about 2 summers ago with my partner where one summer day I failed to get it up, which I will say was most likely due to my porn use during that week which left me desensitized. For about a year after that I had a few successful sex experiences but also failed to get it up about 3 more times which left me feeling absolutely horrible about my sexual confidence and completely nervous to ever initiate anything sexual or intimate in fear I’d fail again. We then stayed sexless for half a year where I said I’d work on it to fix it but I never did. Now I’m broken up with and possibly at the lowest point of my life so far and have zero confidence in myself to ever have a good relationship with sex again. I can stay hopeful but it’s hard to at times.


We’ve all been there, bro. It’s a bit of a vicious circle; you feel anxious about not getting hard, which in turn makes you soft because anxiety makes you unable to get (or stay) hard, which feeds into your anxiety about getting hard. It sucks. Thankfully, sex alone a relationship does not make, and truthfully, a good partner will meet you in this area with understanding. Not a lot of credit is given to the mental aspect of sex for men wherein we need to feel safe and connected to our bodies. Do yourself a favor and ditch (or at least severely decrease) the porn consumption, which has been shown to negatively impact sexual performance and start being easy on yourself and take care of yourself. Go for walks, be outside, work out and eat healthy. Best of luck, brother.


100% agree with the last post. Cut the porn. Its poison


Get off the porn bro

Agree with cutting porn. As much as love it (not ashamed of it btw) I’ve noticed through a process of elimination (stopping certain medications etc) that my porn use was getting out of control and affecting my ability to get and stayed aroused with my wife.

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