Rock solid then soft then rock solid

Last Saturday I took the mrs out for dinner had a lovely time we came home out a movie in and started teasing each other. I got rock solid from the teasing…then started having sex about 1 minutes into having sex with her I got soft so I pulled out. Then teased myself and got hard again. I mean it’s improvement from the last time where I couldn’t even get hard but idk what this is

I didn’t finish but I made her finish

At least it’s an improvement! And if you can get hard more than once, you know your penis works alright and it’s just about the mindset. Progress is always good, even if it wasn’t exactly what you were hoping for


True, shouldn’t really turn the improvement into a negative as that won’t help mindset

I have the same issue. It’s much better that she finishes and you don’t, than the other way around

Hey great. One thing I think is that this idea that you can lose your erection and it can come back and indeed erections vary in strength during sex all the time an d that’s ok is really important - actually one of the exercises here in mojo (wax n wane) - so yep all good.

Yesterday I had the same. Actually took it as positive that I got it back up and finished(I know you didn’t but if you focus on the upside that it’s working it will be good soon)
I always switch positions when it softens and gets back hard and try to quickly finish.