Going Backwards

Been using mojo off and on since around February. Been dealing with erection issues for 10 years atleast. Last night I decided to try and have sex, I even popped 2 pills to make sure it would happen. Still nothing, I got hard ok at first but it quickly went away once I moved into position. Idk what that’s all about, it was like I was hard and trying to go in but I couldn’t penetrate her. After like 30 seconds of trying without going in I started to go soft. Big blow to the old confidence and now I don’t even want to leave my house today.

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Don’t beat yourself up mate !

Happened to me and I know how you feel, just don’t give up

As well as this app i did something else that really helped me , when I was alone I had a long talk with myself not in my head out loud… telling myself what is it that is causing this issue what can we do together to get are confidence back because we know it’s in there somewhere

I did this for 30mins , it was very emotional and made myself cry because I was talking about all the other issues I was dealing with that I didn’t realise was affecting me

But afterwards I felt amazing, a real load off

Its not the miracle cure but it did help me

So have a load talk with yourself, argue with yourself, get to the real issues bothering you and get it out !!! So you can get it hard !

Good luck

Ps I did manage to have full sex a few days afterwards