What do you do when?

Have you got any tips for when you’re mid sex and then you just know your erection is gunna go. You feel it start to get limp then it sets of the brain in a cycle of thoughts and it just makes it worse and worse until the blood drains from it completely then it just ends up so awkward between the two of you and she’s dried up like a prune. It’s so embarrassing. Has anyone got any tips to a) stop this happening and b) what to do when it does happen


No tips but I’m curious if there are any as this applied to me.

How far along in the Mojo program have you progressed? There are many exercises that address this, though mostly they’re about the work before and after these instances that prepare you to redirect your thoughts and to plan for what to do when you’re in the moment. Some great ones are “Reprogram Negative Thoughts”, the pelvic floor workout, “5 Senses” exercise, “wax and wane” and Sensate.

I think it’s the work you do before you find yourself in that situation that makes all the difference.

Good luck brother!

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I would try not to think about it as the ‘end’ of the sex session.

Part of the mental change I needed to make was to stop thinking about penetration as the pinnacle of sexual contact. It almost never is for women anyway. When you go limp, I would stop trying to have penetrative sex and go back to using your hands and mouth. If you get hard again then great, if not, then focus on your partner and pleasure her. There’s nothing wrong with being sexual without an erection.

I found that if I could tolerate the anxiety of not being hard, and still be physically intimate, then what actually ended up happening was me feeling more relaxed and confident. Ironically, my wife probably had a better time as well because she gets a lot out of foreplay and climaxing without penetration anyway.

It takes practice of course but it’s worth it.

Good luck mate.

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