Rock hard all the way until penetration

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I feel like this is the rock bottom of my sex life. I got out of a long term relationship of 5 years and never had any erection issues. I met a new girl recently. She’s gorgeous, im extremely aroused by her. I get rock hard and stay rock hard all the way through the build up to sex but as soon as penetration starts I go soft. I don’t understand what my issue is. My mind races I can’t even call it a critic because my thoughts are flowing so fast. I’m 26 I’m healthy I don’t know what I can do. Any advice?


Hey, man, I’m couple of years older than you but basically faced the same issue. Like for some reading I can be rock hard before the penetration but once it happens…

Hey! I’m exactly in the same situation, everything works out fine with the foreplay, I’m rock hard since we start making out but then when the time comes…
Anyway, I just started with mojo today so let’s see how it goes!


I’ve had this issue recently with my partner. She was dry at the time and I lost my erection almost immediately. She remediated this by giving me oral, but when I put it back in her again she was only marginally less dry. I tried a couple more times but was already in my head by this stage and fearing her getting upset by it. We haven’t had sex since and it had caused a real crisis in our relationship