Reverse kegel is pretty difficult for me?

I started the reverse kegel & I can’t hold the squeeze for longer than a second? I can feel it move but cant for the life of me get it to stick. Granted it is day one but i dont know

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Make sure you are doing it right, with reverse kegel I don’t think you don’t have to squeeze, you kind of do the opposite.


Same bro no idea how to do it

Yeah a normal kegel is a squeez, which you should train to hold longer. This is the same as what you do to stop the flow of urin mid pee.

The reverse is, like it says, pretty much the reverse. I managed to do it with the mojo guidance. So trying to breath in deep with purely you stomach and focus on that area. You should feel sort of a pushing down. For me at least this way i learned to do it.

Apperently you should be able to do it without tensing your abs…
I can not. I always tense my abs.

Hope you manage to do it :muscle: