Reducing Refactory Time

Hi Kings.

Haven’t seen much on this topic, but wanted to see if anyone had any pointers on this refectory period. sometimes my sex would laser on average around 5 minutes. i love being intimate and with my ex-girl of two years it was great. Used to finish and then would we would want to go again after straight away. She was a 10 and used to get me going then I’d lose it midway through. We’d pause and go again and it was all fine but just dampened the mood. Anyone had anything similar? Like how can she be so attractive and she’s doing everything right for me to just fumble?

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Do you think you went soft because you were stressed about potentially cumming too quickly?

no it wasn’t that at all, it usually took me a solid while of going at it and concentrating really really hard to even get to that cumming stage again. it would be that first few minutes of being teased, PIV starts almost instantly, then going soft. as i said she used to do all the right things in order to get me up a few minutes later then I’d go limp.

I want to be able to go straight away, not to dampen anything with a 10-minute interval. we’ve been split 6 months and the overthinking keeps me up. it could be nothing at all

I think what you’re describing is normal. If you’ve just cum, your body hasn’t physically recovered enough yet for you to stay hard the same way. So maybe foreplay or other stuff are better for round 2 where you might need more physical pressure and stimulation

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appreciate that your response buddy. they’d be times where just finished and she would rub my penis on her clit to tease and get back in the groove which would work for around 30 seconds then i get in my own head saying your not gonna stay hard kinda thing. horrible feeling to be fair

I’m on the same boat. Used to be able to go back to back with no breaks. Now I can have sex again almost immediately but the sensation is not the same and I can’t cum for quite some time. I’ve found that I can at least pleasure my gf if I don’t get in my head about it.
If I do get in my head about it, I lose it. Maybe you’re focusing on how your penis feels and that’s causing you to go soft.
Mojo said the level of hardness naturally varies slightly during intercourse and is not really noticeable but if you fixate on it you’ll feel like you’re losing it. That hyperfixation with what your penis is doing is what causes problems.

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