PE Advice & Pointers

Only new to this app as I feel like it’s all completely psychological so thought I’d give it a go & see if anyone had any pointers.

Just recently split up with my partner of 3 years, mentally it’s destroyed me. Always been a confident guy, sex was never a problem for us, sometimes I would last for not even 2 minutes, then sometimes 5, and maybe slightly longer. Able to go again after a 10 minute breather where id then struggle to finish and really had to focus. The reason for her leaving was that she had to work on herself and that’s just killed my upstairs and just making me feel like I was part of the issue - even when I wasn’t.

I was only ever content with her and the whole situation is causing me a lot of stress and anxiety especially. Never been the type to sleep around, Pixar film and a fondle works best. Like I said the whole situation is just killing me inner thoughts so I wondered if anyone’s been through something similar or had any tips? Cheers lads.


My problems are all psychological too. I’d focus on prolonged foreplay. This could help you focus on staying in the moment. Focus on her. I’d even say make her cum first. Just to take the stress off of you. Honestly, I don’t think any girl would mind how long you lasted after they came first. I can relate to the “Disney+ and chill” mentality. I think men love deeper than society realizes.