Psychological ED my entire life

Ever since my first sexual experience, I had the belief that I would not be able to perform. From that very first time, I have not been able to get hard when having sex, without using viagra. My entire adult and sexual life (when with other people), I have had ED. Been using viagra since I was 18 (now 27), and it’s now starting to give me some nasty side effects. I’m now feeling completely unsure what to do and don’t how I can move forward, especially because my problem is psychological (I get hard when alone and in the morning etc) and I’ve tried counselling etc.


Yes i have the same issue since first intercourse. I tried to have viagra at first and then never had it. I was doing it with my wife and so i have to keep a certain time for foreplay and as my dick got hard with stimulation. In the very next i have to penetrate it in the vagina otherwise the erection goes off if the stimulation finishes