Program works, but still get soft when Im tired

My original issue way back when was that at certain positions, I’d have to exert a lot of force, and despite being very skinny for my age and working out somewhat regularly, I still ran into issues where whenever I’d get hot and tired… And id lose my erection pretty fast. From there stemmed all the other problems that I ended up resolving via mojo (quite successfully, might I add!). Lack of confidence, not staying in the moment, always worried, etc. Now I can get hard easily, stay hard easily, and everything - except when I begin to feel hot and tired

What’s the problem at this point? I don’t think it’s a psychological thing anymore considering it feels like I hit some kind of physical roadblock. I sometimes run 5k’s so I’m not sure if it’s just a stamina issue with the right muscles or if men are just susceptible to losing an erection when they’re hot…or maybe there’s still something in missing mentality.

Any advice?

Just coming back to the feeling hot.
If I lose my erection, I get very hot…. I think somewhere in Mojo they mention this.
I think it’s part of the switch from feed/breed to fight/flight.
It’s a horrible feeling.
Mojo is helping me a lot… but it happened this weekend…. However, took some time out, box breathing, relaxation… and… everything went well…
…so it’s bad… but it can be overcome…

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It can often be a mix of physical and psychological. Keep doing the mindful masturbation, getting confident with your erections. See if you can build up your stamina slowly if you think that might be the case, making sure you can keep the erotic going, staying in the sensations and your body. Good luck : )