Really struggling

So I thought I was on the upswing and had gone years with no ED issues. All of a sudden, two weeks ago it happens again and I can’t get out of my head since. Idk what’s wrong with me and I feel so frustrated, down on myself, and generally worthless, I’m at a loss.

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Hey there, it’s good that you noted that you had gone years with no ED issues – this means you can get there again even if it feels a bit hopeless right now.

And just want to say it’s completely normal to feel frustrated and down on yourself when this happens.

It may be valuable to explore what might have caused it to start two weeks ago, this might give you an insight that is valuable not just for ED but also for your life in general.

Are there any techniques you’re finding useful in Mojo? I’d recommend taking a look at the meditations and the sensate exercises as they might help you calm down your nervous system. Also, if the Mojo exercises don’t feel like it’s enough, then I’d also recommend chatting to a therapist who can guide you in a more personalized way.

Keep us posted in the community on how it goes and if any other questions pop up!