No faith, no confidence

So I’ve been using this app off and on since February and I’ll admit not consistently however I’m worried it’s starting to mess with my mental health. Almost every hour of every day I’m now worried about my erections or lack there of. It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about going to bed. It’s like my entire existence is now focused on my erectile dysfunction. I’ve been thinking about this round the clock for 5 days now, barely slept and even considered chatting with a crisis hot line. The exercises aren’t really calming me down, instead they are making me focus on the fact that I can’t get hard in any situation. I haven’t made it to the meditation or sensate, however I’m struggling with the fact as to how much I’m thinking about this problem, because right now nothing is helping and its on my mind 24/7.

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I’m sorry to hear that. My experience has been the reverse. I’ve worried about sex a lot less and I’m getting closer to just “experiencing it”.

I think your issues might be rooted much deeper. You might want to consider getting professional therapy to identify the root cause of your anxiety and worry. This may or may not be related to sexual health.

Hey there, I’m sorry that you are feeling as though things are getting more difficult. This can be a very normal response to trying to change things. It sounds as though you can feel overwhelmed by ‘Automatic Negative Thoughts’ - and they are just that ’thoughts’ not facts. You can catastrophize things at the moment and you feel panicky that it will never get better.

To make progress, it will be important for you to try and get back into your body and out of your head. For now, I’d recommend a daily 10-15 mins practice of relaxation and box breath (you can access this in the resources section). Notice any thoughts, not judging them. Reassure yourself you are going to put some work into gaining confidence with your body and arousal - no rush.

See if you can commit to this for 2 weeks, hopefully looking forward to it, before you begin to try the Mojo course again. By following the Mojo content you will begin to understand what has been going on and how you are going to change things for the future.

Hope this helps!